Journey through Journaling

Journal – Week One

I’ve always been an expressive person. Whether its through painting, poetry, fictional writing or even lyrics to a song, I cannot remember a time when I was not preoccupied with my head stuck in a book or collecting coloured gel ink pens and other writing material and paraphernalia to put words and images on paper. This is what prompted me to challenge myself to being trained and certified in the art of writing. It started with the COVID-19 pandemic that saw my social life go from minimal to non-existent around March 2020. I suddenly had more time on my hands but nothing doing with those hands so I began reading paperback novels once again. When the stories ended, my desire for more would be birthed and it became a never-ending cycle that pushed me to write my own stories.

I came across a website for aspiring writers called reedsyprompts that encouraged short stories based on particular prompts or themes and I became a member of that community in August 2020. I love reading fiction so naturally I started writing fictional stories in various genres – romance, suspense and thrillers. Fiction is my general preference as a writer.

When we speak, our words compete with the sounds around us in our environment, but when we write, we leave a mental imprint that combines with thoughts, feelings, experiences and understanding which people can revisit over and over again, even if they are distracted. This is how I feel about the craft of writing and represents why I truly enjoy it so much.

One area of writing that I would love to develop more is my business writing. With fiction and academic writing, I think there is more room for creativity and individual expression. But with business writing, the lines are not drawn in the sand but, to me, are more rigid and structured. I want to be able to hone my business writing skills from an area of discipline which would contrast my creative writing of fiction, poetry etc. So I’ve started this journey toward better writing with journaling – to track my progress, get feedback and encouragement and create a public forum that can assist others.

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